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Learn how to effectively recruit and develop channel partners, while learning how to better qualify and co-sell opportunities with the channel. The CCS® methodology should extend to your channel since they are an extension of you and your organization.

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Sales Training Workshops: ChannelCentric Selling® Workshop

“In recruiting new business partners it is important that sellers consistently position the potential benefits of representing their offerings to Dealer/Owners/Managers (“DOM’s”). Beyond that, providing sales ready messaging® to allow resellers to discuss potential business outcomes with decision maker levels is critical to gaining both mind and wallet share.”

John Holland, Chief Content Officer, CustomerCentric Selling® – The Sales Training Company


In the ChannelCentric Selling® Workshop we show sellers an approach to recruiting and developing business partners. We also show sellers how to help qualify and co-sell opportunities with the channel. After attending this workshop, sellers from business partners are encouraged to attend a customized CustomerCentric Selling® Workshop and execute messaging to sell offerings to end users. 

After attending the workshop, attendees should be able to:

After completing this sales training workshop, students will:

  • Understand how to prospect at DOM levels
  • Be able to develop a vision and potential value for becoming a business partner
  • Develop visions for marketing, sales and technical support that is available
  • Be able to grade business partners in 1 of 4 quadrants and develop a plan to move them forward
  • Learn to execute Sales Ready Messaging® in selling to end users
  • Be able to ask standard debriefing questions to qualify opportunities resellers are working on
  • Learn to assess and develop resellers
  • Be able to help qualify pipeline and forecast more accurately
  • Strategize account situations using a common vocabulary with resellers that attend CustomerCentric Selling® sales training workshops. 

Workshop materials will include:

A manual with material covered in the class, a workbook with custom messaging to be used in role playing to master the skills being taught and a copy of the CustomerCentric Selling® book.

Who should attend:

Channel development managers, sales managers, technical support, marketing staff that interact with prospects and/or customers would benefit from attending.


None (ChannelCentric Selling® Workshop is a stand-alone workshop. It can be delivered on its own, often as a supplement to the core CustomerCentric Selling® Sales Process Workshop, or to reinforce the CustomerCentric Selling® sales methodology.)


Three and a half days (3-1/2)

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