CustomerCentric Messaging®

Learn how to lead conversations with business issues, not product. This workshop teaches you how to structure your messaging into a meaningful dialog that will help prospects understand how your offering can help them solve a problem, satisfy a need or achieve a goal.

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Sales Training Workshops: CustomerCentric Messaging® Workshop

“Without first empowering salespeople to converse with decision makers (via strong, documented CustomerCentric Messaging®), teaching them process and strategies, and training them to qualify a prospect, gain access to power, create value, and negotiate, is all irrelevant.”


Ask any salesperson what is the most important factor in a successful sales call and he is likely to respond “relationships”. Relationships between senior executives and salespeople are usually built on credibility. For salespeople, knowing what to say to drive the conversation toward the specific job title and business goals, is key.

CustomerCentric Messaging® architects a dialogue to arm salespeople with a proactive structure to lead conversations based on business issues, rather than reactively responding to a prospect’s questions about the product. The foundation of a meaningful dialog between seller and prospect should focus on how he/she can use your offering to solve a problem, satisfy a need, or achieve a goal.


We are offering a hands-on sales training workshop, designed to teach participants how to develop CustomerCentric Messaging® in every element associated with marketing collateral, including the support tools for the specific culture and defined sales process of his/her individual organization. Each step in the sales process requires some form of CustomerCentric Messaging®.

Participants will learn what Messaging is needed, the purpose of each Messaging component, how to deliver it, to whom, and at what point in the sales cycle the Messaging should be used. The workshop objective is to transfer the skill of developing CustomerCentric Messaging® to members of the marketing team, so that they can use these skills in every element associated with marketing collateral, including; web sites, white papers, product descriptions, case studies, reference stories, emails, newsletters, prospecting letters, and telesales.

Participants will apply their learning in skill practices involving role-plays and new tool development, as well as doing an “extreme makeover” on actual, existing collateral that is currently being used in their organisations.

Who should attend:

Any and all members of a marketing team, i.e. corporate communications teams, product managers and marketers, field marketing teams, content teams, etc.


One (1) full day

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