“What do you do when…?”

The Refresher™ workshop serves to help you brush up on those skills and concepts learned in the CCS® workshop, whether to help in the ongoing adoption of your sales process, address sales challenges seen in the field, or jump start a new year at sales kickoff.

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Sales Training Workshops: CCS® Refresher™ Workshop

“What do you do when…?” Common selling challenges and suggested ways to respond.


Our CustomerCentric Selling® clients tell us that implementation of the CustomerCentric Selling® sales process is one of the largest changes and investments that they have made to the selling competencies of their sales/marketing organization(s). Therefore, the reinforcement and sharpening of the CustomerCentric Selling ®skills is high on their list of priorities to leverage their investment and reinforce the CustomerCentric Selling® process. In the CustomerCentric Selling® Refresher™ Workshop, the fundamentals of the CustomerCentric Selling® sales methodology is refreshed to help sales organizations maximize their investment and strengthen their sales processes for improved excecution and ultimately, increased revenue and improved sales performance.

Our intention in developing this sales training workshop in the What do you do when…? format is to:

  • Address the manager’s observations of the sales people’s performance.
  • Allow the sales people to tell us what they would like to receive help with.
  • Align the workshop content and instruction with the attendees’ specific interests.
  • Allow the workshop instructor to focus on those issues that give the sales people the most difficulty.
  • Encourage the sales people to conclude how to address their own selling issues through the application of CustomerCentric Selling® and its Core Concepts.


Post workshop, we obtain requests from our clients for refresher training that can aid in the ongoing adoption, execution and use of CustomerCentric Selling® (CCS®). Management is not often sure of what they want or need, other than a refresher. It is left to the CustomerCentric Selling® instructor to prepare a custom agenda, for people who have already attended the workshop, to hear, see and practice and reinforce what they have done before, albeit in an abbreviated and/or different fashion.

The sales training workshop content consists of lecture, group discussion, skill-practice and in-class exercises where applicable. It will be the CustomerCentric Selling® instructor’s discretion as to what will be covered in more depth within the defined format, in what detail, in the allotted time, to achieve the desired training/review outcome.


Workshop materials include tools and content necessary to perform a refresher on the areas the sales team and sales management wish to address and focus. We do this through a pre-course survey of issues and challenges that are most prevalent and requested to be addressed in the workshop. Each in class activity is focused on the participant’s real opportunity and is tested by colleagues, sales management and the instructor to improve the principles of CustomerCentric Selling®. Step by step, participants learn and apply strategy to their opportunity in hands-on exercises. Complete workshop materials and tools are provided during the workshop. The workshops begin with instructions and end with a report out to the class with feedback.

Who should attend:

Sales executives, sales managers, sales representatives and/or account managers, pre-sales technical support, marketing, anyone within the organization or channel who interacts with prospects and/or customers or who supports the sales function would also attend. The value of the model is that it is a uniform company sales process. Everyone in the organization would have the same vocabulary and understanding of the sales process, extending and reinforcing the learning from CustomerCentric Selling® and the sales methodology applied.


The core CustomerCentric Selling® Workshop, in order to reinforce the CustomerCentric Selling® sales methodology.


One (1) full day

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