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Welcome to our Customer Showcase, where the best in sales share their success stories that lend testament to the efficacy of the CCS® methodology. Here you will see CustomerCentric Selling® at work and discover how it can work for you.

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Welcome to the CustomerCentric Selling® Showcase of Sales Training Success

Welcome to the CustomerCentric Selling® Customer Showcase, where we recognize some of our most valued clients and highlight their sales training successes and success stories with the CustomerCentric Selling® sales methodology. This showcase captures just a small fraction of the thousands of customers we serve globally through our outstanding network of Certified Business Partners.

Sales Training Customer Showcase: Success Stories

  1. CustomerCentric Selling® Helps Dataiku Establish a Single Process to Create a Scalable Sales Organization
  2. Bonitasoft Achieves Sales Success with CustomerCentric Selling®, Improving Customer Satisfaction, Renewal Rate and Increasing Upsell
  3. Wolters Kluwer Clinical Drug Information Sales Organization Increases Opportunity Size and Shortens Sales Cycle Using the CustomerCentric Selling® Approach
  4. Daryl Flood Significantly and Consistently Increases Revenue and Expands the Client Portfolio in a Competitive Marketplace Using CCS®
  5. CustomerCentric Selling® Helps IB Grow the Customer Portfolio through Improved Sales Performance
  6. CustomerCentric Selling® Helps Zend Achieve Remarkable Multiyear Results and Boost Sales Performance
  7. CustomerCentric Selling® Helps Archiva Gain Competitive Edge in the Marketplace
  8. CustomerCentric Selling® Provides Metso with Concrete Sales Tools and a Defined Sales Process to Improve Sales Performance
  9. CustomerCentric Selling® Empowers Berner International to Improve Sales Performance through a Disciplined Sales Approach
  10. CustomerCentric Selling® Enables QlikTech to Improve Sales Performance with Impressive Results
  11. Accept Software Uses CustomerCentric Selling® for Salesforce® to Fully Leverage and Adhere to the CustomerCentric Selling® Sales Methodology
  12. CustomerCentric Selling® Helps NorthEast Electrical Improve Sales Performance and Seize Control of Market Share
  13. CustomerCentric Selling® Helps Graebel Relocation Achieve Record Sales Performance
  14. CustomerCentric Selling® Helps acrolinx Unify and Standardize the Sales Process
  15. Knovel sales team achieves over 200% growth over the prior year by successfully utilizing the CustomerCentric Selling® methodology.
  16. CustomerCentric Selling® helps Scholle® Packaging Asia Pacific Division increase revenue and expand into new, emerging markets.
  17. Altia leverages CustomerCentric Selling® to achieve improved forecasting accuracy and better reach decision makers.
  18. CustomerCentric Selling® helps first client, SymQuest, transform the sales organization into a formula for consistent revenue success for nearly a decade.
  19. CustomerCentric Selling® helps Axient increase revenue by 2.1 million over the first 12 months.
  20. CustomerCentric Selling® helps Blackbaud increase productivity by over 23% with a consultative sales process.
  21. Siemens Energy Embraces CustomerCentric Selling® to Increase Revenue and Shorten the Sales Cycle.
  22. CustomerCentric Selling® helps Futrix™ sustain rapid growth with increased revenue generation and improved sales skills through a customer-focused approach.
  23. CustomerCentric Selling® helps Workspace Commercial Furniture achieve significant revenue growth by over 15% improve sales efficiencies and increase win rate by 30%.
  24. BCC Software embraces the CustomerCentric Selling® methodology and increases new software sales by over 60%
  25. CustomerCentric Selling® helps Delta Associates define a sales process, better manage the pipeline and improve performance.
  26. Imation skillfully leverages CustomerCentric Selling® to grow revenue, improve forecast accuracy and reduce ramp-up time.
  27. CustomerCentric Selling® methodology helps Ixonos improve sales forecasting accuracy and pipeline management.
  28. Dassault Systémes Delivers CustomerCentric Selling® to over 800 Sales Marketing Employees Worldwide
  29. CustomerCentric Selling® marks first ever sales process implemented in Integrity Data history.
  30. CustomerCentric Selling® helps Halcom boost revenue by over 19 percent.
  31. CustomerCentric Selling® helps Decision Dynamics produce record revenue through facilitating greater value for customers.
  32. CustomerCentric Selling® helps AgraQuest achieve greater confidence in forecasting and improved qualification skills.
  33. CustomerCentric Selling® empowers AtStaff to better qualify, more accurately forecast and close more deals.
  34. CustomerCentric Selling® takes the pain out of prospecting for BSD’s salesforce, unleashing greatly improved skills and sales performance.
  35. CustomerCentric Selling® to play a key role in helping Datalliance double its business and sales force in two years.
  36. CustomerCentric Selling® helps Datotel keep pace with its increasing business and demands of a fast growing sales force.
  37. CustomerCentric Selling® helps transform and improve the way Descartes sells and connects with its customers.
  38. CustomerCentric Selling® helps Endforce increase their pipeline by 350% with 100% forecasting accuracy.
  39. CustomerCentric Selling® arms the Eqecat salesforce with the skills and power needed to improve performance.
  40. CustomerCentric Selling® helps Free Clear increase their pipeline by 76% and close 150% more in annualized sales.
  41. ILOG increases average revenue per customer and reduces number of losses with CustomerCentric Selling®.
  42. CustomerCentric Selling® helps L-3’s sales channel achieve an astonishing 140% of YTD quota by mid-year.
  43. Leadership Strategies makes strides in improving revenue to surpass company records – all with CustomerCentric Selling®.
  44. Macrovision attains near perfect forecasting accuracy and boosts sales pipeline with CustomerCentric Selling®.
  45. Using CustomerCentric Selling®, a Materials Handling Company is able to find and secure the right ‘champions.’
  46. CustomerCentric Selling® helps MDI optimize resources to increase sales by 40% while cutting the sales cycle in half.
  47. NetQos revolutionizes sales culture and breaks company records with the power of CustomerCentric Selling®.
  48. Network security company sets company records by embracing and leveraging CustomerCentric Selling®.
  49. OnCenter ingrains CustomerCentric Selling® into their core sales culture and reaps the many benefits that it yields.
  50. OpenTV learns to better qualify prospects and optimize pipeline with CustomerCentric Selling® methodology.
  51. PtCT improves revenue by 48% and increases total number of systems sold by 83% with CustomerCentric Selling®.
  52. Pindar’s sales management embraces increased confidence in forecasting accuracy and optimized sales performance with CustomerCentric Selling®.
  53. CustomerCentric Selling® helps Pronto Connections close over $1.5 million in just 60 days and nearly doubles revenue growth for the year.
  54. Through effective Sales Ready Messaging® with a common set of processes and tools, Pronto Networks better connects with customers.
  55. Quova increases transaction size by 45%, learns how to better qualify prospects and effectively allocate resources using CCS®.
  56. RedDot sees a 19-day reduction in their sales cycle, a $30,000 increase in an average sale and improved revenue.
  57. Relocation Services Company cuts time from new hire to first sale by 19 months and greatly increases transaction size.
  58. CustomerCentric Selling® methodology helps Solutions II increase revenue and profitability by more than 22%.
  59. SCG optimizes sales performance by cutting their sales cycle and increasing the size of their opportunities.
  60. CustomerCentric Selling® helps Sphinx Group close more leads faster and better identify qualified opportunities.
  61. CustomerCentric Selling® helps Temporary Staffing Company boost margins and improve sales growth.
  62. CustomerCentric Selling® significantly boosts Torani’s win rate and greatly improves individual sales performance.
  63. Tridium beats its own growth plan by 30% using the power of the CustomerCentric Selling® methodology.
  64. UBS increases revenue, cuts time from hire-to-first sale in half and dramatically improves forecasting accuracy.
  65. CustomerCentric Selling® helps VersionOne achieve significant results by more than doubling its sales in one year.
  66. CustomerCentric Selling® helps Yipes increase the quality of their pipeline and improve forecasting accuracy by 96%.

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