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You’re the leader. Your role is vitally important to your team’s success. We have a workshop to help you better understand your sales process so you can guide your organization to achieve the highest results.

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Sales Training Workshops: CustomerCentric Messaging® Workshop

“The pre-requisite for becoming an effective and competent sales manager should be more than two years of above quota sales performance. After all, a manager’s role is to meet and exceed the company’s revenue goals by developing the skills of the sales people reporting to him/her.”

— John Holland, Chief Content Officer, CustomerCentric Selling® – The Sales Training Company


At some point most people understand that the key to the successful implementation of a sales process is fully dependent on the support and commitment of the sales management team. Unfortunately, many of the managers ultimately charged with the implementation of the company’s sales process are unable to teach or coach others how to sell successfully because the managers may have very likely been promoted without ever having learned a process, or at least one that they consciously followed, so they have difficulty articulating and teaching any process to their direct reports.

Experience has proven that if the sales leadership team does not have the process management knowledge or is not able to execute the sales management skills to reinforce CustomerCentric Selling® selling skills and behaviors in their people after they have been trained in the new methodology, the actual value realized from the sales training investment is greatly reduced because process usage can decrease dramatically without reinforcement and practice.

98699We designed the sales management training program to prepare the leadership team to: a) create and own the management system that will enable them to support the implementation of the sales process in the long-term, b) leverage the knowledge and skills necessary to proactively reinforce the behaviors that will maximize the value of the sales training their people received.

Just as the leadership team sees value in expecting salespeople to work within a process to apply consistent qualifying criteria, document their activities and conversations with customers and prospects, and measure their progress in the sales cycle, the sales management training program enables management to apply consistent criteria across the sales organization, document important activities and conversations with salespeople for future use, and measure progress salespeople are making during the process. This process is repeatable and measurable. Similarly, within each of the 7 modules of the program are higher-level skills the manager should execute in order to manage each area of the sales process.

During the sales training workshop, managers will engage in practical discussion as well as actually practice all the sales leadership skills they will be expected to execute after the workshop. There will be time allocated for discussing and addressing the current difficulties managers may be experiencing implementing CustomerCentric Selling®. Participants will learn how to modify their style for each rep based that individual’s ability and willingness to execute the process skills. Sales managers will also be exposed to change management concepts and activities that will help them address many of the people-oriented issues as well as the process issues before they become roadblocks to their teams’ success.

After attending the workshop, attendees should be able to:

  • Establish the systems, activities and expectations necessary to support the process within their organization
  • Work through their sales people to plan for success in their territory, within specific accounts, and with specific selling activities that will lead to increased sales productivity.
  • Analyze specific documents created from the process in order to identify potential pipeline, opportunity and/or selling skill problems
  • Execute a communication program with salespeople in order to make the most efficient use of their management time
  • Coach salespeople to help them understand where and how they need to improve
  • Develop the specific selling skills that will enable salespeople to develop healthier sales pipelines that will meet corporate goals
  • Manage employees who are not able to meet expectations
  • Develop and execute a 90 day plan to help the organization transition to using the process as quickly and effectively as possible.

Workshop materials will include:

  • Step-by-step workflows to guide a manager through the set up and execution of each key sales management activity in the process
  • Sample templates used when document the process .
  • Exercises to practice identifying skill, opportunity and pipeline problems
  • Skills practice sessions to develop managers’ communication skills
  • Formulas for assessing and developing pipeline health
  • Transition plan with specific tasks to help the manager “get started”
  • Reference guide to help answer many FAQ’s after the workshop

Who should attend:

The entire sales leadership team. Read attendee testimonials here.


The information in the sales management training workshop is designed for managers who have been through the 3-1/2 day CustomerCentric Selling® sales process workshop. Prior to attending, managers should have 60 or more days managing people who have also attended the public sales training workshop. Each attendee should be conversant with the vocabulary of the methodology, and familiar with the structure, tools and documentation associated with the execution of the methodology in the field. Participants are encouraged to bring in sample VIP Letters, pipeline reports and other materials they have used to implement the process to date.


One (1) full day

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